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Welcome to The Mood Center, your trusted certified SPRAVATO® treatment provider near Bowie, MD. At The Mood Center, we specialize in offering comprehensive, personalized care for individuals battling treatment-resistant depression. 

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to improving your mental health and overall well-being through innovative and evidence-based therapies. Discover a brighter future with our compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments.

What is Spravato?

Spravato treatment near bowie maryland

SPRAVATO® is a brand name for esketamine, a prescription nasal spray used for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD). It is a derivative of ketamine and works differently than traditional antidepressants. 

Spravato treatment near bowie maryland

Who is A Good Candidate for Spravato?

If you’ve tried two or more oral antidepressants without finding relief from your depression symptoms, you might be dealing with treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

SPRAVATO® is specifically used as a therapy for treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and for major depressive disorder (MDD) with co-occurring suicidal ideation or behavior.

SPRAVATO® Treatment Clinical Studies

In a clinical study involving adults with treatment-resistant depression, participants received either a nasal esketamine spray or a placebo spray.

Those who incorporated esketamine, the active component in SPRAVATO®, alongside their oral antidepressant saw a more significant reduction in depressive symptoms after four weeks compared to those who took a placebo with their oral antidepressant.*

How Does SPRAVATO® Help Treat Depression?

Depression, particularly treatment-resistant depression, can be incredibly challenging to manage. SPRAVATO® (esketamine) offers a novel approach to treating this condition, differing from traditional antidepressants in both mechanism and administration. Here’s a closer look at how SPRAVATO® works:

Mechanism of Action

SPRAVATO® is a nasal spray formulation of esketamine, a derivative of ketamine. Unlike conventional antidepressants that typically target serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine systems, esketamine works primarily on the brain’s glutamate system.

Glutamate Modulation: Esketamine targets the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, a type of glutamate receptor in the brain. By antagonizing (blocking) this receptor, esketamine leads to a rapid increase in glutamate release.

Synaptic Plasticity: The surge in glutamate activates another receptor called the AMPA receptor, which enhances synaptic plasticity. This process involves the strengthening of connections between neurons, which is believed to improve mood and cognitive function.

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF): Increased AMPA receptor activity stimulates the release of BDNF, a protein that supports neuron growth and resilience. This neurotrophic effect helps repair and build new neural connections, contributing to long-term improvements in mood.

How SPRAVATO® is Used

Take the First Step Toward Better Mental Health with SPRAVATO® Treatment in Bowie, MD

At The Mood Center, we understand the challenges of living with treatment-resistant depression. Our Spravato treatment near Bowie, MD, offers a new hope for those who have not found relief through traditional methods. 

Contact us today to learn more about how SPRAVATO® treatment can help you reclaim your life and start your journey toward better mental health. Don’t wait—take the first step with The Mood Center.

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Before starting Spravato Treatment, inform your healthcare provider about your medical history, especially if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Do not take SPRAVATO® if you have certain blood vessel diseases or are allergic to its ingredients. Discuss heart, brain, or liver problems, psychosis, and pregnancy plans. List all medications and supplements you are taking.

SPRAVATO® (esketamine) is FDA-approved for treatment-resistant depression and depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder and suicidal thoughts. Ketamine is not FDA-approved for depression treatment.

No, SPRAVATO® must be administered under supervision at a certified treatment center.

No, Spravato Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to potential harm to the baby. Use effective contraception while on SPRAVATO®.

Do not take SPRAVATO® if you are allergic to esketamine or ketamine, or have certain blood vessel diseases. Discuss with your healthcare provider if you have heart, brain, or liver problems, or psychosis.

You may bring headphones, a music player, a tablet, crossword puzzles, a book, a blanket, and a pillow.

Your healthcare provider will monitor your symptoms and side effects using standardized scales.

Contact your healthcare provider to discuss how to proceed if you miss a treatment.

Follow your healthcare provider’s advice on additional therapies like talk therapy, exercise, diet, and sleep improvements.

Keep all involved healthcare providers informed about your treatment and progress.

Discuss alternative treatment plans with your healthcare provider if you do not respond to SPRAVATO® after four weeks.

Discuss your blood pressure with your healthcare provider. SPRAVATO® can temporarily increase blood pressure.

Inform your healthcare provider about all medications and supplements you are taking to avoid interactions.

Avoid eating two hours before and drinking liquids 30 minutes before taking SPRAVATO®.

Do not drive or operate machinery until the day after your treatment session.

SPRAVATO® may cause sedation, dizziness, and dissociation, affecting your ability to drive safely.

For more detailed information, please refer to the SPRAVATO® FAQ page.

How to get to The Mood Center from Bowie, MD

To get from Bowie, MD, to The Mood Center in Annapolis, MD, start by heading south on MD-197 S. Merge onto US-50 E toward Annapolis and continue for about 13 miles. 

Take exit 24 for MD-70 S/Rowe Blvd. Continue on MD-70 S/Rowe Blvd, then take a slight right onto Taylor Ave. 

Follow Taylor Ave for about 1.7 miles until you reach West Street in Annapolis. The Mood Center will be located at 927 West Street, Annapolis, MD.

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