Natalia patient care coordinator


Patient Care Coordinator

Natalia Ruiz’s journey is a reflection of her life’s mission: to serve those grappling with life’s most intricate challenges and to shepherd them towards a dawn of wellness and hope.

At The Mood Center, Natalia’s day-to-day interactions go beyond administrative tasks; they are imbued with a sense of purpose and empathy, drawn from her extensive experience. Her years of hands-on patient care have furnished her with a keen sense of understanding and the ability to anticipate the needs of those embarking on their healing journeys.

Natalia embodies the role of a facilitator of care, offering kindness, understanding, and empathy to all patients.  She ensures that each individual’s experience with ketamine therapy is not just a medical procedure but a step towards holistic healing. Natalia’s skill in building a bridge of trust and support between patients and clinicians is pivotal, making her an integral part of the therapeutic process.

Her academic background is a testament to her layered understanding of patient advocacy and her multi-faceted approach to care. Her educational pursuits highlight her belief in continuous learning and adaptability, qualities that resonate through her meticulous coordination of care at The Mood Center.

A proponent of self-care, Natalia’s passion for fitness and her reverence for the tranquility of nature are reflective of her philosophy that personal well-being is the cornerstone of compassionate caregiving. She brings this balance to her role, fostering an environment where patients feel heard, understood, and supported.

Natalia’s presence at The Mood Center is not just about overseeing the logistics of patient care; it’s about nurturing the human spirit. Her commitment to each person’s journey, infused with kindness and professionalism, establishes her as a beacon of hope—epitomizing the very essence of patient-centered care.