Libby Adler


Libby Adler


Libby Adler, serving as the Director at The Mood Center, embodies the perfect blend of compassionate patient care and skilled navigation through the healthcare system. Her unique blend of professional experiences, from working in insurance and finance for Fortune 500 companies to her leadership roles in healthcare administration, equips her with a profound understanding of the healthcare landscape. This background is instrumental in Libby’s commitment to ensuring patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

Over the past decade, Libby was instrumental in opening the first mental health crisis facility in Anne Arundel County followed by the expansion of 2 additional residential and 3 outpatient behavioral health programs. In addition, Libby built and maintained relationships with political figures and lawmakers throughout the State of Maryland to bring awareness and advocate for better mental health initiatives.

Libby’s approach to patient care is deeply personal. By leveraging her comprehensive skills in insurance, finance, and behavioral health, Libby not only advocates for individual patient needs but also fosters a supportive environment that champions the best outcomes for all at The Mood Center. Her educational background in political science further supports her capacity to navigate and influence the regulatory aspects of healthcare provision, ensuring that patients have access to the therapies they need to overcome health challenges and find fulfillment in life.