Katelyn Cabell

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Katelyn Cabell

Patient Care Coordinator

As a Patient Care Coordinator, Katelyn Cabell brings a wealth of experience in organizational management, customer service, and a deeply rooted commitment to community and wellness.

Working at The Mood Center has been a profoundly fulfilling experience for Katelyn. She has been instrumental in creating a supportive and dynamic environment focused on mental wellness. Her impact is most visible in her interactions with patients—from their initial hesitant steps into the center to witnessing their transformation into individuals full of confidence and hope after their treatments. Katelyn’s personal satisfaction comes from seeing the real-time positive changes in the patients she assists, reinforcing her belief in the work being done at the center.

Beyond her professional role, Katelyn’s background is enriched with diverse experiences that have profoundly influenced her approach to patient care. Her experiences have contributed to a comprehensive understanding of interpersonal dynamics and community building, enhancing her ability to provide empathetic and effective support in her role at the center.

At The Mood Center, Katelyn’s contributions go beyond her administrative duties; she is a cornerstone of the patient care experience, ensuring that each patient’s journey is met with compassion and meticulous attention. Her multifaceted experiences, both personal and professional, make her an invaluable asset to our team and a cherished figure among the patients she serves.