Cammie Marks

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Cammie Marks

Practice Manager

Cammie Marks, BS, CSC-AD is Practice Manager at The Mood Center, known for her dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals seeking ketamine infusion therapy, Spravato, and TMS. Cammie brings a robust background in healthcare administration and management, ensuring a seamless and supportive intake process for all patients while overseeing the center’s operations, ensuring excellence in patient care and service.

In her role as Practice Manager, Cammie has demonstrated an exceptional ability to build and lead a cohesive team dedicated to the mission of The Mood Center. Her strategic approach to practice management has streamlined operations, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. Cammie’s commitment to fostering open communication channels among staff and with patients has significantly contributed to an environment where empathy and understanding flourish.

Cammie’s journey in the field of mental health and addiction services began at Towson University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Family and Human Services. Her academic achievements laid the foundation for her deep understanding of human behavior, family dynamics, and the complexities of mental health challenges. additionally, Cammie is a Certified Supervised Counselor Alcohol and Drug (CSC-AD) recognized by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists since May 2018.

Cammie’s skills in crisis intervention, case management, and coordination of care with community providers underscore her holistic approach to patient support. Her exceptional interpersonal communication skills, and adeptness in working with patients, and her high level of expertise makes her a valuable asset to our team and the clients we serve.

Cammie Marks’ professional background and compassionate approach to care embody The Mood Center’s commitment to excellence in quality patient care. Her dedication to facilitating access to innovative treatments and her unwavering support for patients throughout their journey are integral to our mission of improving healthcare outcomes in our community.