Brad Masters

Brad masters

Brad Masters

CMO and Director of Client Experience

Brad Masters serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Client Experience at The Mood Center, a role that perfectly aligns with his experience and passion for creating impactful, successful patient journeys in mental health care. Brad’s professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the field, beginning with his tenure at Serenity Acres where he started as the Director of Outreach in 2011, before taking on the role of Director of Marketing and Business Development in 2016. Under his leadership, Serenity Acres was recognized as the best residential program in Maryland, a testament to Brad’s exceptional skills in management, team building, and fostering an optimal client experience.

Brad’s ability to develop marketing and admissions departments across various facilities has been instrumental in enhancing patient care and access. His collaborative work with community partners, local governments, and therapists has built bridges that ensure patients receive the care best suited to their needs. This client-centric approach stems from Brad’s deep understanding of the mental healthcare system and his commitment to building programs that genuinely benefit clients and patients.

In 2020, Brad expanded his influence in the mental health sector by joining Discovery Behavioral Health, where he was promoted to Group Chief Executive Officer in 2021. His leadership oversaw the management of one residential and two outpatient facilities, focusing on creating a culture of connection, acceptability, and patient-centered care. Brad’s innovative strategies have included developing engaging curriculums aimed at enhancing patient life skills, facilitating reintegration into society, and ultimately improving the quality of life for those under his care.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brad is a founding member of the DMV-PLA (Professional Liaisons Associations) founded in 2018, highlighting his commitment to advancing the field of mental health care.

Personal interests such as rock climbing, surfing, hiking, and biking reflect Brad’s dynamic and adventurous spirit, mirroring his professional approach to exploring new horizons in mental health care. His excitement for the future of the industry and innovative therapeutic tools underscores his dedication to improving patients’ lives through effective and rapid treatments. Brad Masters is not just a leader in his field; he is a visionary, constantly seeking new ways to connect with and support those in need, ensuring The Mood Center remains at the forefront of mental health innovation.