Ketamine Therapy Reviews

James m. Avatar
I am completely greatful to this company's existence, I was at a complete point of shut down when I went to the mood welleness center I was burnt out at work to the point I couldn't even walk up thr steps at home had to take bath s to loosen sore muscles daily my mental health was in the toilet i tried several meds nothing worked myself to death because it was the only thing that let me focus on what was in front of me and not working on myself i hate to tell this story but i needed total transformation and i got it I gambled daily everything I had went to vises for years i can say only great things happened to me to me so far and I had an ah moment I did all six treatments they are pricey but well worth every penny to be free and living now and in this moment hope this treatment does what it did for me I think I am going to start a pay it forward account if the are willing as a company to be responsible and make it happen I would donate it was so life changing I want everyone to have the same life changing results and gena and gwen are absolutely wonderful people and made calls and checked my progression please dont hesitate one day closer to freedom can be yours God bless 20 years of struggling gone in 3 weeks
James M. 6/05/2024
Sawyer c. Avatar
Stellar place for alleviating mental health issues. Lary is very amiable and my psychiatrist as well.
sawyer c. 5/11/2024
Eileen g. Avatar
I learned about Mood Wellness Center from my 32-year old child, whose treatments have made such a profound positive impact that I wondered if they might be able to help me as well. I’ve been taking various combinations of meds for depression for 30 years. The meds have made it possible for me to function fairly well most of the time, but I still have days when my depression is debilitating. I don’t understand why this is still happening, because my life is good right now, especially compared to where I was when I was first diagnosed with clinical depression. Over the years, I’ve tried to wean myself off meds (under supervision of my doctor) but it isn’t long before I start to go downhill, even though I’m doing all the things within my control to improve my mental health when I’m feeling well including exercise, therapy, getting enough sleep and a fairly healthy diet. I thought I had to live with the bad days forever and be grateful for the mostly good days. My child’s mental illnesses are more severe than mine, and have been debilitating most of their adult life. They really want to get better and they do a lot of research to learn about the latest, most effective evidence-based treatments. That’s how they discovered ketamine treatments, which have been found to be effective by Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and other major medical institutions. I talked to my doctor and my therapist about ketamine before I talked to the doctor at Mood Wellness Center. All three of them thought that my drug-resistant depression made me a good candidate for this treatment. I initially planned to go to a medical center in Baltimore near my home. But I loved the people and the atmosphere so much here from driving my child here for the past two months that I chose the Mood Center, even though it’s more than twice as far away. Now my child drives me to my sessions as I did for her. I’ve had four treatments over two weeks and I can already feel a difference. I’ve accomplished more in the past two days than I have in the past two months. I hoped that ketamine would help my depression, but I didn’t expect that it would help my motivation so much. Everyone who works at the Mood Center is warm, friendly, caring, and professional. They always seem happy to see me. The treatment rooms have super comfortable heated recliners and they give you a pillow and a blanket if you want it. I love the trippy lighting and the lava lamp, although I usually wear an eye mask and listen to music during my treatments. The medication I chose is called Spravato and is covered by my insurance company. I use nasal spray to administer it myself and then relax under the supervision of the medical staff. They take my blood pressure before, half way through, and after my treatment and there’s a button I can press if I need anything. I’ve only used it once, to ask for paper, snd they brought me a notebook and a pen. I am so grateful that my child introduced me to this treatment and I am so happy I chose the Mood Center. I am not exaggerating when I tell you this has changed both my life and my child’s life.
Eileen G. 3/24/2024
Derek r. Avatar
This place is awesome from the moment you walk in and you are greeted with smiles. They explain everything to you. Would highly recommend!
Derek R. 1/16/2024
Eldre b. Avatar
This place is exceptional; with a skilled, kind and caring staff that answered my multiple all questions!
Eldre B. 12/16/2023
Seth a. Avatar
A beautiful space and a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in Annapolis. The staff was professional and caring and spent the time necessary to explain the treatment process. After several treatments, my mental health, long-term outlook and overall well-being have exceeded expectation. I was lonely, isolated and depressed on my medications. Now I'm back and full of hope for the future. Thank you, Mood Wellness Center!
Seth A. 12/16/2023