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FAQs About Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Do I need a referral?

All patients are welcome to self-refer.  We strongly recommend that patients suffering from mental health and/or pain disorders also be under the care of a medical professional.  We will work closely with your practitioner to ensure the best outcomes for your well-being.

What is the IV infusion process like?

Ketamine is administered intravenously slowly over 45 minutes. You may not notice effects at the start of the infusion. However, as the session progresses, you may encounter a feeling of “lightness” or “floating”, which for some feels as a “weight being lifted off their shoulders”.  Most patients describe mild dissociative symptoms that are generally well tolerated. You will be monitored throughout the infusion and within 15-20 minutes of completing the infusion, you should start to regain your senses.

How does Ketamine work?

Ketamine works on a neurotransmitter called Glutamate which leads to the production of an important growth factor that helps the brain repair damaged neurons affected by stress and mental illness. Ketamine has the ability to improve an individual’s condition within hours or days and also promotes the regeneration of nerve cells over time.

How do I know if the Ketamine treatment worked and how should I expect to feel afterwards?

Prior to your first treatment a brief questionnaire will determine your baseline.  We can adjust the treatment accordingly to maximize benefits, if needed.  You may notice positive effects 30 minutes post Ketamine treatment but typically improvements begin several hours later.

How long will the effects last?

The effects of a single treatment typically last up to 2 weeks. After 6 treatments, some people can remain symptom free up to several months. We also recommend booster treatments which can be given monthly, or as needed.

Are there any specific medical conditions that would prevent me from receiving treatment?

Ketamine therapy is not recommended for patients who suffer from psychosis.  If you have high blood pressure, cardiac and/or pulmonary issues, it will be necessary for your Physician to provide medical clearance prior to your Ketamine treatments.

Can I eat and/or drink prior to my treatment?

No solid foods 4 hours and no liquids 2 hours prior to your Ketamine therapy.  Absolutely avoid alcohol or the use of illicit drugs.  These substances are dangerous in conjunction with Ketamine.  

Will I be asleep during the procedure?

No, the low dose of Ketamine you will receive will not cause any loss of consciousness. 

What is the recommended course of treatment?

We recommend 6 treatments within a 3-week period.  Growth and repair of nerve cells leads to long lasting improvement in symptoms.  However, the total length of treatment depends on each patient’s unique circumstances.

Should I continue seeing my psychiatrist? What if I don’t have one?

We recommend that our patients continue working with their medical providers for medication management and/or psychotherapy.  If you do not have a psychiatrist or therapist, the Mood Wellness Center can provide you with a referral.

Should I be concerned about any risks of addiction with Ketamine therapy?

No, not only has Ketamine been proven safe in humans, but the treatments will be administered by a medical professional at a subanesthetic dose.

Will I be required to stop taking my psychiatric medications?

No, we do not want any disruption in patient prescribed medications.

What is Ketamine assisted psychotherapy?

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a new and specialized form of therapy that takes place during or after your Ketamine treatments.  It involves psychotherapists who have experience with and knowledge about Ketamine and its effects on the brain.

What happens during Ketamine assisted psychotherapy?

After the completion of your Ketamine session, a therapy session is conducted by either your provider or one of our skilled clinicians. In this session, you will be guided through your recent journey at the Mood Wellness Center. These sessions can be provided in the comfort of your home via remote telemedicine or in a office setting and are recommended to occur post treatment.

What is the minimum age for treatment?

We accept patients ages 18 and up.

What is treatment like at the Mood Wellness Center?

Each patient will receive Ketamine IV infusions while relaxing in the comfort of a private room in a luxurious zero gravity reclining armchair. Each patient room is safe, quiet, modern and relaxing with dimmable lighting. A plush pillow and blanket are provided for additional comfort. Patients undergo monitoring of vitals by highly trained medical professionals.

How much does Ketamine therapy cost?

Ketamine IV Therapy – $395 per session*

Ketamine IM Therapy – $395 per session*

SpravatoTM (Esketamine) Therapy – Covered by most insurance carriers- Call the office for conditions

*For pain disorders, prices will vary due to length of session, please call for more information. 443.940.MOOD

Do you offer patient financing?

Yes, we offer patient financing, please contact us to learn more.