Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Christmas OCD and Christmas Compulsions

ketamine for Christmas Obssessive Disorder

Can ketamine treatments help to overcome the stress of Obsessive Christmas Disorder?

The Christmas season is a time of cheer and excitement. Lights and joyous music are everywhere, as we prepare Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.

Unfortunately, OCD at Christmas is a serious issue. As we make lists of gifts to buy and tasks to get done, checking compulsions and intrusive thoughts often get worse for the OCD sufferer.

Ketamine treatment is now being used for anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, as well as other mental illnesses and mood disorders, including body dysmorphic disorder. Additionally, ketamine works well for chronic pain as an effective chronic pain treatment.

While behavioral therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, can help to improve compulsive behaviors, for optimal Christmas mental health during the Christmas holiday, it may be worth considering ketamine assisted psychotherapy, which is ketamine treatment combined with effective talk therapy. By starting early, it may be possible, during the Christmas period, to significantly reduce or eliminate distracting compulsive rituals and common compulsions.

Family members are often not aware of a loved one’s compulsive behavior because OCD sufferers are good at hiding their obsessive compulsive disorder. Especially during the holiday season, no one wants to come out and admit, “I have OCD obsessive Christmas disorder.”

Ketamine for OCD can help to prevent an OCD Christmas.

Obsessive thoughts can be torture during the holiday season, causing serious holiday stress. Common obsessions include shopping-related compulsive behavior, as well as preparing decorations and meals.

OCD symptoms during the holiday period can be paralyzing. Rather than feeling the stress of fighting compulsive tics and obsessive thoughts at the mall, or elsewhere in public, it seems easier to just stay home and isolate.

Fortunately, ketamine treatment does work very well for OCD. In fact, obsessive compulsive disorder is one of the most responsive conditions to ketamine therapy.

Visiting a ketamine clinic in early December is early enough to get a head start on avoiding a difficult time with OCD during this festive season. Christmastime, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, is a time for enjoying time with friends and family without worrying about OCD symptoms.

Ketamine and therapy work in the central nervous system on the NMDA receptors, improving the balance of neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA, and promoting the growth of new dendritic connections in the brain. The result is an effective treatment that is safer and longer lasting than traditional selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

OCD Awareness is critical in order to help people with this debilitating condition.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is no joke. Our popular culture may make light of OCD, but it is a serious mental health condition.

Mental health advocates would like for the public to take this condition more seriously. People who suffer with OCD deserve to know about treatment options, including ketamine therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about ketamine IV infusion treatments for OCD, please contact us at The Mood Center. We would be happy to discuss ketamine infusion in Annapolis and Maryland with you, and how it may help to improve your OCD symptoms in time for the Christmas holiday, as well as the upcoming New Year.

Ketamine therapy can help to reduce both Christmas OCD and Christmas depression. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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