Ketamine for Weight Loss: Does Ketamine Cause Weight Loss?

ketamine for weight loss

Is it possible to get ketamine infusion therapy for weight loss?

Losing weight is not easy. Food plans, diet plans, and support programs tend to have low success rates. While some dieters do succeed long-term, unfortunately, most fail at either losing weight or keeping the weight off. Periodically, the medical field presents a new treatment that offers a glimmer of hope.

We have seen fat blocking meds, stimulant meds, and diabetes injections that reduce appetite. Additionally, patients with morbid obesity may choose bariatric surgery, including gastric banding and gastric bypass. Surgery helps some individuals to lose excess weight and keep it off initially, but many will gain back much of their weight after a period of time.

Ketamine infusion therapy is currently being used for treatment-resistant depression, bipolar depression, addiction, chronic pain and neuropathic pain. Ketamine works on the NMDA receptor to elicit effects of new brain growth and new neural connections.

The healing effects of ketamine on the brain are long-lasting, so a ketamine clinic patient can get a series of infusions over a period of several weeks and experience benefits for many months, and even years. Interestingly, ketamine also happens to be highly effective as part of a medical weight loss plan.

How did researchers discover that ketamine infusions were effective for weight loss? When ketamine therapy is used for severe depression or another condition, doctors note additional effects of the treatment.

In this way, ketamine treatment has expanded over the years to be used for a growing list of conditions. Combined with psychotherapy, ketamine IV infusion treatments are helping people to overcome anxiety, effects of past traumas, depression, and many other issues, including alcohol addiction. Administering ketamine as part of a medical weight loss program is one of the newest applications of this safe and effective therapy.

Is obesity a mental health condition?

Unfortunately, it is still acceptable in our society for people to openly mock and ridicule people who suffer with obesity. Substance abuse disorders carry a stigma, yet people are beginning to become more aware that addiction is a disease and a form of mental illness.

Comedians joke about how overweight people should just take a walk and eat a salad instead of complaining about being called fat. The fact is that obesity may be connected to a form of addiction for many people. It is well known that certain foods can be highly addictive, such as foods rich in processed carbohydrates.

People who have a food addiction eat these carb-rich roods compulsively, and they obsess over them throughout the day. Cheese is another food known for inducing cravings and binges. Pizza is food that combines refined carbs and cheese together, causing the food addicted person to lose control, continuing to eat after they are no longer hungry.

Doctors have tried treating obesity with antidepressant medication. While there has been limited success, addiction treatment for food addiction and food binging is not something that can be done by simply prescribing drugs such as Wellbutrin or other traditional antidepressants.

It is important that we understand that obesity is, for many, the result of a food addiction, and it can be nearly impossible for a food-addicted individual to control their eating without help. Therapy is an important part of overcoming food addiction and obesity. Ketamine combined with therapy is highly effective as a treatment for depression, anxiety, pain, and addiction. It makes perfect sense that many obese patients will respond very well to ketamine-assist psychotherapy.

Does ketamine always promote weight loss by treating food addiction?

While many people do have an issue with food addiction and food binging, there are people who have gained weight and kept it on for other reasons. For example, people with depressive symptoms may eat excessively in an attempt to self-treat their depression.

Similarly, people with anxiety may self-treat with food. Additionally, people with chronic pain or neuropathic pain may find it difficult to be active enough to keep weight off.

As you can imagine, ketamine is able to help with weight loss for a wide variety of people with different reasons for being overweight. Ketamine can treat addiction, depression, anxiety, and pain. By treating the underlying cause of weight gain, ketamine promotes weight loss.

During your consultation at your first visit to the ketamine clinic, your healthcare professional will sit down with you and discuss your overall mental and physical health status. It is important to get a better understanding of the reason why you have gained weight and have had difficulty losing weight.

From the perspective of your ketamine specialist, your treatment will be directed at resolving the underlying issue behind your weight gain. Ketamine does not directly cause weight loss, but by treating the underlying conditions, it works very well to help patients lose weight safely, achieving optimal physical health and mental health with ketamine assisted therapy.

Does Spravato, the esketamine nasal spray, help with weight loss?

Spravato is an FDA-approved form of ketamine treatment that is only approved for treatment-resistant depression. While doctors are able to administer IV ketamine for off-label uses that the FDA has not yet evaluated, Spravato must be used only for depression after traditional antidepressants have failed.

In some cases, Spravato may help with weight loss. As described above, some people have gained weight as a coping mechanism for depression. They eat foods that have brief antidepressant effects, such as chocolate and refined carbohydrate foods.

For a person who is overweight and also has treatment-resistant depression, Spravato is an excellent option to treat the depressive symptoms, and it may help with weight loss as an additional effect. In a sense, Spravato can be used for weight loss, but only in this specific scenario.

How do I get started with ketamine for weight loss?

Every year, at New Years, weight loss clinics and gyms are filled with people who have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. Sadly, after a short time, the crowds dissipate, and things go back to business as usual. Weight loss is not as easy as showing up to the gym the day after New Years.

Making a commitment to lose weight can be made on any day of the year. There are many great programs that provide support for eating healthier and exercising more. ketamine Infusion in Maryland is an excellent way to boost your weight loss efforts in addition to attending a gym or a food plan program.

A ketamine clinic will provide a safe environment for IV infusions of ketamine as well as supportive therapy. To get started, simply make a call to schedule your first appointment.

We hope to hear from you soon here at The Mood Center, and we look forward to being a part of your weight loss journey!

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